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My name is Davin Cottrell and I am the owner of Aztec Moving. I appreciate you taking the time to look at this, and considering us for your upcoming move. I understand the difficulty of hiring a mover that you feel you can trust, to come into your most private space (your home) and handle your possessions. I know talk is cheap, but as an honest business man with multiple businesses, I understand the power of referral. If we do not complete your move to the point you would refer us to a friend, or use us in a future move, then we have failed to reach our goals.


My customers are not just another statistic or number to me, but my hope and goal is that with every new customer, I gain a new friend.

I ask that you would give Aztec Moving a chance to help you with your next move. We strive to offer affordable, quality service with unmatched professionalism.   

For More Info Contact Us,


Aztec Moving 

4210 Shaffer Rd.

Paducah, KY


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The Cottrell Family

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